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will be supporting their favorite band Third Town tonight at Aliante Station from 7-10pm in the Access Showroom.

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Have You Found The World’s Best Steak?

Terri Stricklin - CFO of BBQ2YOU shot us this one:

I often half jokingly tell people it is a good thing I don’t work in a donut shop, or I would be as wide as the door frame. Their response is usually, “you would tire of eating donuts everyday” or some such nonsense. Having worked in our family’s steakhouse, The Hitching Post, for 40 years, I have never tired of steak! Of course, this isn't your run-of-the-mill steak either. And now, no matter where you are, you can get these steaks shipped directly to your door via BBQ2YOU.
The original Hitching Post Restaurant, locate in the tiny hamlet of Casmalia, California, has for over 57 years been owned and operated by the Ostini Family and is known around the globe as having the “World’s Best Steak”. Quite a bold statement you would say, especially with all the great steakhouses in America. But this well kept secret (Santa Barbara County Historical Landmark #37), nestled near Vandenberg Air Force Base and half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco, blows the socks off the competition. At least that’s what customers have been telling us for six decades. And these are folks that have eaten steak all over the world.
The new business venture, BBQ2YOU, is also a family enterprise. With business plan in hand, HP owner Bill Ostini’s daughter Stacey Ostini Mosti, presented her vision of taking the steak business to a new level. Her concept was much different than Omaha Steaks, Allen Brothers and others in the food shipping industry. Instead of shipping raw steaks for the end consumer to cook, The Hitching Post barbecues and seasons these steaks over a live oakwood fire (known as Santa Maria Style BBQ), flash freezes them and ships the items 2nd day air.
From freezer to table in under 20 minutes, your family and friends will think you just grilled these delicious steaks yourselves-and we did all the work for you! And the next tme you want to send an exceptional gift to a client, colleague or friend-send them BBQ2YOU-they will be amazed at the ease of preparation and the quality of our product. After trying our steaks you will understand why after 40 years of steak eating, I’m still hooked on Hitching Post Products.
----- Terri Stricklin

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STEAK Review

Gourmet Food Mall and Top Chefs

Review BBQ2You Steaks!

Grilling is a staple of summer cuisine, but sometimes you need a break from the hot sun and smoldering coals. Can’t someone else do the heavy lifting and let you sit back and just enjoy the rewards that only a good grilled steak can provide? Wonder no more, because Hitching Post Products / BBQ2You is here with your solution: fully-cooked freshly BBQ’ed meals!

We sampled their New York Strip Steak and Garlic Bread.The Steak and garlic bread arrived in a cardboard box bearing the Hitching Post / BBQ2You logo. Inside was a Styrofoam cooler containing our meal and a few chunks of dry ice. We tossed the contents into the freezer until we were ready to try it out.A few days later, we started our Hitching Post process by boiling a big pot of water. The instructions for the steak is very simple and straightforward: just boil some water, toss in the steak (sealed in its plastic bag), and boil for about 15 minutes. We unbagged the garlic bread and cooked it in the over for 10 minutes.After the cooking time expired, we carefully removed the meat from the pot, cut the bag open, and deposited our delicious-looking steak onto our plate. We immediately noticed its aroma… smoky and salty. It smelled like it just came out of the Hitching Post kitchen in California. We poured the remaining juice from the bag into a small bowl and used it as a dipping sauce for the garlic bread. The juices were so savory and rich, with big smoky and beefy flavor.We cut into the steak… it was cooked to a perfectly pink (but not bloody) medium rare.

This New York Strip was lean and delicious, and the grill marks added that much-needed freshly grilled presentation. The flavor of the beef was beyond compare. The proprietary Hitching Post seasoning blend brings out the true flavors of the meat, allowing you to savor it in the most natural way. This is a truly gourmet cut of beef.After all was said and done, the only thing we had to do was wash our plates… no countertops to clean, no cooking platters to scrubs. The fact that there is zero cleanup is just another reason to let Hitching Post / BBQ2You cook your next grilled meal for you!Click Here to order the New York Strip Steak Dinner for Four from Hitching Post / BBQ2You today!

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BBQ "Santa Maria Style" Goes Nationwide

Santa Maria Style BBQ makes National TV!!!!

The Central Coast of California makes a big splash yet again with its historical way of turning up the heat on an excellent BBQ!

Featured on the Fine Living Network with Wolfgang Puck’s “Barbeque Bonanza”

The World Famous Hitching Post with Chef/ BBQ master Frank Ostini.
Pick up some new grilling techniques from the pros and a couple of famous recipes while you’re at it.

Check this clip out….

And the Susie Q Brand on with Bobby Flay
Founded by Susan Righetti amongst the rolling vineyards of California’s Central Coast, Susie Q’s Brand products were created from old family recipes, perfected over generations and popularized at her parents’ restaurant, the Far Western Tavern. Each of these recipes is inspired by the local ingredients that define Santa Maria Style Barbeque.
The Far Western Tavern

Just featured last month….this time featured on the Travel Channel
Barbecue Paradise
Smoke and Sizzle: America's Best Barbecue
by Laurel D'Agenais
Ever since man discovered fire, people have been barbecuing their food. It's the easiest, most classic way to cook a meal -- just make a fire, throw on some food and enjoy. From the East Coast to the West Coast, America loves its barbecue. Whether you prefer barbecued ribs or "barbecued spaghetti," in America, your own backyard may be your own barbecue paradise.
Remember folks this style of BBQ takes years to perfect…

Cowboy FlavorSanta Maria, CAAt Cowboy Flavor, owners Billy and Sue Ruiz stay true to their barbecue roots. The unique taste of Santa Maria barbecue all started with immigrants who worked on California ranches in the 19th century. Each meal is an eclectic blend of Portuguese and Spanish flavor, including linquica, Pinquito beans and salsa.
Last summer you could catch Billy Ruiz with Al Roker on “Roker on the Road”.

Billy Ruiz and Susie. He is known for terrific BBQ and that signature handlebar mustache.

The Hitching PostBuellton, CAThe Hitching Post was made famous in the 2004 film, "Sideways." Fans of the film traced the main characters' steps to this Buellton, CA, hot spot. At The Hitching Post, traditional barbecue is coupled with nontraditional foods, like ostrich, lobster and even artichokes. No matter what your order, each meal is perfectly paired with a glass of smoky-flavored wine.
Check out The Hitching Post featured on The Food Network with Bobby Flay

Hope you have enjoyed these clips. With busy schedules, it’s hard to always catch them the first time they air. Make sure to digg them and tell a friend about our new blog site!

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Fathers Day Ideas

Gifts for Dads - California

Ideas for Dads right here on the Central Coast of California. Our Dads work so hard and deserve something special on Fathers Day. Why not a great steak, famous seasoning, a true Santa Maria BBQ Pit, a nice bottle of wine, a wine tour, a fishing trip, or a round of golf?

It’s almost Fathers Day, so I thought I would blog about this, just as a reminder…

Gift Ideas:

Santa Maria BBQ Outfitters
How about that Santa Maria Style BBQ pit? Ok, so check out Santa Maria BBQ Outfitters. They carry all different shapes and sizes. From the occasional “tail gator”, to the luxury style bbq pits…”experts only” type stuff. You can also find their BBQ pits at some participating Home Depot store locations. They do custom grills as well and provide a 5 year warranty. With the tail gator running at $165 it would make a great gift idea for Dad.

Send Dad some steaks this Fathers Day. BBQ2You offers fully prepared steaks for Dads that can’t cook or just don’t have the time. You can also choose from their hand trimmed steaks and Dad can do the grilling himself. They recommend their New York Strip Steak, as it is very popular amongst their male customers. Prices run from $55 and up. Last day for shipping is Tuesday the 16th.

BBQ Seasonings
The Susie Q Brand is always a nice choice. A 10oz. jar running about $5.70. They also have other grilling items Dad would enjoy on their site. Check out this Santa Maria BBQ Salt that is offered at $6.25 for a 10oz. Very tasty. And let’s not forget that “Magic Dust”, their stainless steel shaker runs about $10 for a 5oz can. Dad can always refill the shaker and use it over and over again. While you are visiting that site, you can also pick up a nice bottle of wine for Dad. That’s right; they offer the famous Hitching Post wines.

Wine Tour
Gold Coast Limos will pick Dad up in a limousine and escort him to some of the finest wineries the Central Coast has to offer. Spoil him with this first class treatment. Great wine and the most amazing scenery California has to offer. Tours range from $65 a person to $200.

Monarch Dunes is located just south of San Luis Obispo in Nipomo. They feature an award-winning championship course and a newly opened 12-hole challenge course. With very reasonable rates and stunning views, Dad is sure to be pleased. You can purchase gift certificates right from their website.

Sport Fishing
He will enjoy a great day at sea in the Pacific Ocean. With packages starting at $46 - $86, Central Coast Sport Fishing would make a terrific gift for Dad. He can bring home a trophy to show all his friends.

Hope this helps out with your Fathers Day gift giving needs. It’s helped me…time to go shopping!!!

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Food For Charity

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck is honorary chairman of Five Star Sensation benefit for Ireland Cancer Center
AP fileThe demanding Wolfgang Puck, on board for Five Star Sensation benefit June 13.
Celebrity chef
Wolfgang Puck has helped raise more than $10 million since 1987 for University Hospitals Ireland Cancer Center.

Puck, for 22 years the honorary chairman of Five Star Sensation, a benefit held every other year, invites three dozen chefs to cook for charity.
About 1,700 guests will pay $400 to $1,000 to sample their creations Saturday, June 13 at the site of the future Ahuja Medical Center in Beachwood. Five Star Sensation Chairwoman Carole Carr expects that the event will make $1.5 million.
Puck is demanding -- all chefs, most from renown restaurants the world 'round have to come to Cleveland to create sumptuous tastings and to talk with benefit guests -- part of the allure of Five Star. "I tell them if they send their sous chefs, they won't be invited back," he said.

And sure enough our BBQ Masters from The World Famous Hitching Post Restaurant right here on the Central Coast of California were invited out to this grand event! Hope they help raise a lot of money with their tasty Santa Maria Style BBQ!!! Thank you Ostini brothers.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wine In The Pines

Escape for the day….
With Wine in the Pines

I couldn't think of a better way to spend June 13, 2009 than with forty wineries, fabulous food, live music, a wine art show, a wine auction, and beautiful weather! Wine in the Pines is a breath of fresh air. Your tastes buds will sore as you sample wines in a higher elevation. Experience incredible wine and great food as you never have before.

The Village of Pine Mountain Club has hosted wine festivals in June of each year beginning in 2003. Wine in the Pines 2009 will be hosted by the Pine Mountain Club Commercial Property Owners' Association, Inc. The Bakersfield Symphony will perform in Lampkin Park immediately following Wine in the Pines. The free concert is open to the public. The Village is located between the coastal communities, Bakersfield, Santa Clarita and the San Fernando Valley. Choose to stay for the night in one of the cozy cabins. Escape for the day….
With Wine in the Pines

Including These Top Chefs

Chef Rick
The up-tempo american cooking prepared by one of the central coast premierchef's, Rick Manson is a blend of southern louisiana, southwest, and southernCalifornia influences, seasoned with a hint of rhythm and blues, a splash ofcolor, and a touch of irreverence.

The Hitching Post
Casmalia, California, former cow-town of the Old West, is where California-style barbequeing was brought to perfection by the pioneers. The Hitching Post has brought this live-oak California-style barbequeing to perfection bringing choice, aged beef to the ultimate of gourmet flavor and tenderness. Known for the best oak grilled steaks in the Santa Maria Valley since 1952, Grill Chef Bill Ostini and GM Terri Stricklin will bring their barbequeing team to Wine in the Pines this year. Bring a few extra bucks because you might be hungry for an oak grilled New York steak while sampling some excellent “reds.”

Trattoria Uliveto
The restaurant features classic Italian music, a warm and comfortable color scheme, and artistic pieces to add the final touches. Come and escape for the evening to enjoy a sumptuous repast. Alfonso Curti, former executive chef of "Grappolo" in Santa Ynez, is a native Calabrian who moved to California from Italy a little over ten years ago and made a name for himself working at his family's restaurant in Santa Ynez.

Featured Wineries

Lane Tanner Winery
Lane started her own wine making company in 1984 with one client. She began making wines for the Hitching Post restaurant (A locally famous Santa Barbara Co. steak house). In 1989 she started the Lane Tanner label and her methods for Pinot production have not changed much in the last 20 years. Lane uses the best Pinot grapes available in Santa Barbara Co. working with Julia's Vineyard and Bien Nacido Vineyard fruit as well as the new, Melville Vineyard. She harvests the grapes when they taste right, not when the sugar hits a certain number. She looks for maturity and complexion but still with the sparkle of youth.

Rancho Sisquoc Winery
To the Chumash Indians the word "Sisquoc" meant "gathering place". Today this winery is once again a gathering place for wine lovers. Originally an 1852 Mexican land grant, the 37,000 acre ranch has been owned by the Flood Family since 1952. The winery opened in 1972 and is now under the direction of wine maker Alec Franks producing 10,000 cases annually. Current releases include Chardonnay, Sylvaner, Riesling, Tre Vini, Reserve Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Malbec and Cellar Select Meritage.

For more information on this exclusive wine event visit

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Let's Talk Steak

What are the best cuts and why?

We do many shows around the region and always get asks this question, hope this helps.

The Filet Mignon steak cut of beef is taken from the tenderloin which runs along the side of the spine. It is a non-weight bearing muscle which receives very little exercise, this is what makes the filet so tender. We cut the tenderloin into 5oz., 8oz., or 12oz. portions before placing them over a red oak open flame BBQ. This is one of the most prized cuts of beef on the market because of its tender, and melt in your mouth texture. The average steer only produces 4 to 6 lbs of filet.
The filet is still my favorite cut.

The Strip Steak is one of our most popular cuts in the restaurant and on line. In the United States, the strip steak is known as the New York or the Kansas City. An interesting fact is the Kansas City strip steak usually has a portion of the bone connected, whereas the New York strip steak is boneless. In the UK and Australia, the same steak is called the Porterhouse. Which ever name you call it, this cut of beef is from the strip loin part of the sirloin. This steak also consists of a muscle that does little work so it is tender, however not as tender as the rib eye or the filet. Now the fat content is somewhere between these two steaks, allowing for a more full flavor of beef. We cut our New York’s traditionally into 8oz., 10oz., and 15oz. portions before placing them on the BBQ.

The Rib Eye is a cut of steak from the beef rib. Another very popular cut, it’s juicy and tenderness makes it one of the most sought after steaks on the market today. The beef from the rib section is tender and a bit fattier, or more marbled if you will. This extra fat makes the rib eye more flavorsome and is delicious when cooked in the Santa Maria style BBQ way. We cut the rib eye into 8oz., 10oz., and 15oz., portions in the restaurant.
The Rib eye is delicious, and for me, it’s a close second to the Filet Mignon.

The T-bone or the Porterhouse steak contains meat from the strip loin and on the otherside contains steak from the tenderloin. The tenderloin being the smallest section. So, basically you’ve got a New York strip steak married to a filet, it’s just that simple. Because of the large portion size of this cut, we find that it is much more popular amongst our male guest. Our serving size of the T-Bone is 22oz.
The top sirloin is a cut of meat from the loin of the steer. This steak differs from the sirloin steaks in that the bone and tenderloin have been removed. This cut of beef reminds me of the filet, just not quite as tender. We serve the tops in 7oz., 10oz., and 15oz. portions at the restaurant.

The Tri-Tip is a small triangular muscle, cut from the bottom sirloin. Measuring 2lbs – 3lbs. Originally, this cut was just used for ground beef, until the late 1950’s, when it became the local specialty in Santa Maria, California. It was then cooked whole on a grill or rotisserie. The Tri-Tip is still labeled the “Santa Maria Steak”, as it has enjoyed increasing popularity elsewhere for it’s lower fat content, full flavor, and comparatively lower cost. It is only available with our on line store, we do not serve it in the restaurant at this time. The Tri-tip has also become a popular cut of meat for producing Chili con carne on the competitive chili cooking circuit, supplanting ground beef because the low fat content produces little grease, for which judges take off points. Check out our favorite chili cook offs at the
When serving up the whole family, the Tri Tip is definitely my pick.
Hope this has been informative. The best cuts really just come down to you and your taste buds, oh and having a great grill master preparing them doesn’t hurt. So next time you order, try a different cut, you might just find a new favorite!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

BBQ California Style

Welcome to the world of Santa Maria Style BBQ. I am your host, Stacey (Ostini) Mosti. My blog will be dedicated to the world of BBQ on the Central Coast of California, and of course, the great wines here in our little "wine country".

Why did I choose this as my favorite topic to blog about? Well my family has been specializing in Santa Maria BBQ for over 5 decades. I went from baby food right to Filet Mignon. Now this style of BBQ dates back over a century, to the days of the Spanish Rancheros. Where BBQ meant grilling over an open fire of red oak. In fact, The Hitching Post restaurant brought Santa Maria style BBQ to perfection in 1952. Yes, The Hitching Post has been in our family for 57 years now and counting. Noted as one of the first Steak Houses to bring this type of BBQ indoors. Go to for details.

Now for those of you not familiar with the Central Coast, it's just a couple hours north of Los Angeles, CA. Known mostly for it's great BBQ, the little town of Santa Maria might also ring a bell for being the location of the Michael Jackson trial that took place there just a few years back. And not too far down the road is Santa Yenz, where they shot the blockbuster movie "Sideways". (Note, The Hitching Post II was featured in the film.)

So what makes Santa Maria Style BBQ so special you might ask? It's a triple play. The wood it's cooked over, the meat you choose, and the seasoning/baste combination. It's really like no other Bar-B-Q you've ever tasted. And once you've had it, I think you will rank it as one of your favorites.

Our style of BBQ is grilling over a very hot fire. The special BBQ pits are designed so you can lower your grill closer to the flame when needed, and then quickly pull it up when the fire gets too hot. BBQ Pits like the one I'm describing are available in Santa Maria and surrounding areas. For example, Santa Maria BBQ Outfitters at: They make all shapes and sizes of quality BBQ pits. Now this type of pit mastery is an art, don't get angry if you don't master it your first time out. For the local pit masters, it can take months, and sometimes even years to perfect.

There is a special aroma that fills the air when pulling into your favorite Bar-B-Q joints in town. That would be the smell of California Red Oak burning. That smoke actually penetrates the meat, infusing it with a full flavor. Your month starts watering even before you step foot through the front doors of The World Famous Hitching Post, or one of the great steak houses in town. Of course I am partial to The Hitching Post obviously because it's been in my family for generations and I enjoy tradition. But as I continue to blog here, I will talk about other restaurants as well, like Jockos or the Far Western

Another secret to this great Bar-B-Que is the quality of meats you are working with. We use Midwestern corn fed beef. There will always be a dispute over what makes the best steak, but from what we have found in our 57 years of experience, Midwestern corn fed beef is the way to go. It's best to find beef that has been somewhat aged. That helps with locking in the natural juices of the meat. It is challenging to find that type of beef at your local market. Of course we sell ours at , but if you do order it from some other company, make sure to order the prime or choice cuts of steak which are hand trimmed and chemical free. They should be shipped out two day air and arrive frozen. You might pay a bit more for this excellent beef, but in the end, is the result worth it?.....Heavens YES!

The most popular cut here in Santa Maria is the "Tri-Tip." Discovered by butcher Fred Schwab in the 1950's, it's known as "The Santa Maria Steak." It is difficult to just find this cut of beef anywhere throughout the states. Costco seems to be doing a good job of carrying it, but if you can't find it there, just search Tri-Tip Steak and buy online, or ask your local butcher to cut a Tri-Tip for you from the bottom portion of the sirloin.

And now for the finishing touches. A lot of times when people Bar-B-Que or Grill, the meat becomes dry and chewy. Well, the third step to the Triple Play is the secret. We don't marinate the meat, we baste it as it cooks. The baste consists of an oil and vinegar combination and the Santa Maria Traditional garlic salt seasoning amongst other ingredients. We can't give all the secrets out. In fact, our family's secret blends are stowed away under lock and key.
Well thanks for listening. Hope you learned something new today. Come back and visit this blog again real soon. We will be discussing the best cuts of beef in more detail and how to prepare them. Until then, eat BBQ, enjoy wine, and laugh often!
Talk soon...<><