Wednesday, June 24, 2009

STEAK Review

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Review BBQ2You Steaks!

Grilling is a staple of summer cuisine, but sometimes you need a break from the hot sun and smoldering coals. Can’t someone else do the heavy lifting and let you sit back and just enjoy the rewards that only a good grilled steak can provide? Wonder no more, because Hitching Post Products / BBQ2You is here with your solution: fully-cooked freshly BBQ’ed meals!

We sampled their New York Strip Steak and Garlic Bread.The Steak and garlic bread arrived in a cardboard box bearing the Hitching Post / BBQ2You logo. Inside was a Styrofoam cooler containing our meal and a few chunks of dry ice. We tossed the contents into the freezer until we were ready to try it out.A few days later, we started our Hitching Post process by boiling a big pot of water. The instructions for the steak is very simple and straightforward: just boil some water, toss in the steak (sealed in its plastic bag), and boil for about 15 minutes. We unbagged the garlic bread and cooked it in the over for 10 minutes.After the cooking time expired, we carefully removed the meat from the pot, cut the bag open, and deposited our delicious-looking steak onto our plate. We immediately noticed its aroma… smoky and salty. It smelled like it just came out of the Hitching Post kitchen in California. We poured the remaining juice from the bag into a small bowl and used it as a dipping sauce for the garlic bread. The juices were so savory and rich, with big smoky and beefy flavor.We cut into the steak… it was cooked to a perfectly pink (but not bloody) medium rare.

This New York Strip was lean and delicious, and the grill marks added that much-needed freshly grilled presentation. The flavor of the beef was beyond compare. The proprietary Hitching Post seasoning blend brings out the true flavors of the meat, allowing you to savor it in the most natural way. This is a truly gourmet cut of beef.After all was said and done, the only thing we had to do was wash our plates… no countertops to clean, no cooking platters to scrubs. The fact that there is zero cleanup is just another reason to let Hitching Post / BBQ2You cook your next grilled meal for you!Click Here to order the New York Strip Steak Dinner for Four from Hitching Post / BBQ2You today!

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