Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BBQ "Santa Maria Style" Goes Nationwide

Santa Maria Style BBQ makes National TV!!!!

The Central Coast of California makes a big splash yet again with its historical way of turning up the heat on an excellent BBQ!

Featured on the Fine Living Network with Wolfgang Puck’s “Barbeque Bonanza”

The World Famous Hitching Post with Chef/ BBQ master Frank Ostini.
Pick up some new grilling techniques from the pros and a couple of famous recipes while you’re at it.

Check this clip out….

And the Susie Q Brand on with Bobby Flay
Founded by Susan Righetti amongst the rolling vineyards of California’s Central Coast, Susie Q’s Brand products were created from old family recipes, perfected over generations and popularized at her parents’ restaurant, the Far Western Tavern. Each of these recipes is inspired by the local ingredients that define Santa Maria Style Barbeque.
The Far Western Tavern

Just featured last month….this time featured on the Travel Channel
Barbecue Paradise
Smoke and Sizzle: America's Best Barbecue
by Laurel D'Agenais
Ever since man discovered fire, people have been barbecuing their food. It's the easiest, most classic way to cook a meal -- just make a fire, throw on some food and enjoy. From the East Coast to the West Coast, America loves its barbecue. Whether you prefer barbecued ribs or "barbecued spaghetti," in America, your own backyard may be your own barbecue paradise.
Remember folks this style of BBQ takes years to perfect…

Cowboy FlavorSanta Maria, CAAt Cowboy Flavor, owners Billy and Sue Ruiz stay true to their barbecue roots. The unique taste of Santa Maria barbecue all started with immigrants who worked on California ranches in the 19th century. Each meal is an eclectic blend of Portuguese and Spanish flavor, including linquica, Pinquito beans and salsa.
Last summer you could catch Billy Ruiz with Al Roker on “Roker on the Road”.

Billy Ruiz and Susie. He is known for terrific BBQ and that signature handlebar mustache.

The Hitching PostBuellton, CAThe Hitching Post was made famous in the 2004 film, "Sideways." Fans of the film traced the main characters' steps to this Buellton, CA, hot spot. At The Hitching Post, traditional barbecue is coupled with nontraditional foods, like ostrich, lobster and even artichokes. No matter what your order, each meal is perfectly paired with a glass of smoky-flavored wine.
Check out The Hitching Post featured on The Food Network with Bobby Flay

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