Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Have You Found The World’s Best Steak?

Terri Stricklin - CFO of BBQ2YOU shot us this one:

I often half jokingly tell people it is a good thing I don’t work in a donut shop, or I would be as wide as the door frame. Their response is usually, “you would tire of eating donuts everyday” or some such nonsense. Having worked in our family’s steakhouse, The Hitching Post, for 40 years, I have never tired of steak! Of course, this isn't your run-of-the-mill steak either. And now, no matter where you are, you can get these steaks shipped directly to your door via BBQ2YOU.
The original Hitching Post Restaurant, locate in the tiny hamlet of Casmalia, California, has for over 57 years been owned and operated by the Ostini Family and is known around the globe as having the “World’s Best Steak”. Quite a bold statement you would say, especially with all the great steakhouses in America. But this well kept secret (Santa Barbara County Historical Landmark #37), nestled near Vandenberg Air Force Base and half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco, blows the socks off the competition. At least that’s what customers have been telling us for six decades. And these are folks that have eaten steak all over the world.
The new business venture, BBQ2YOU, is also a family enterprise. With business plan in hand, HP owner Bill Ostini’s daughter Stacey Ostini Mosti, presented her vision of taking the steak business to a new level. Her concept was much different than Omaha Steaks, Allen Brothers and others in the food shipping industry. Instead of shipping raw steaks for the end consumer to cook, The Hitching Post barbecues and seasons these steaks over a live oakwood fire (known as Santa Maria Style BBQ), flash freezes them and ships the items 2nd day air.
From freezer to table in under 20 minutes, your family and friends will think you just grilled these delicious steaks yourselves-and we did all the work for you! And the next tme you want to send an exceptional gift to a client, colleague or friend-send them BBQ2YOU-they will be amazed at the ease of preparation and the quality of our product. After trying our steaks you will understand why after 40 years of steak eating, I’m still hooked on Hitching Post Products.
----- Terri Stricklin