Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hitching Post Award Winning Beef

Recognized as the best in the business, the Hitching Post has done it again.
At this years NCBA's (National Cattleman's Beef Association), the Hitching Post Restaurants were awarded with the NATIONAL Beef Backer award. Having won the California Beef Backer award a couple of years prior, which was a huge honor in and of itself, this year the Ostini family took home the National award. Beating out fine dining steakhouses all across the United States.

Not too shabby for tiny steakhouse, in a tiny town, with a humble, hard working family, and loyal patrons.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Now Showing

The Hitching Post hits the Road!

That's right, apparently, the Hitching Post is doing Costco Roadshows in California! This 58 year old family business is now sharing their great steaks with the Giant of the wholesale shopping clubs, Costco. The Hitching Post has done several of the roadshows already and have experienced great feed back from the Costco members. When asked, Terri Stricklin, CFO of Hitching Post Products said, "we are delighted to be doing the Costco Roadshows and are looking forward to the day when we are on the shelves of the whole western region! It's a lofty goal, but we are willing to do the leg work...literally."
So, you can catch them this week down at the Costco in Oxnard, CA. Thursday-Sunday. June 9th-12th. With Fathers Day right around the corner, why not a Hitching Post Tri-Tip from Costco, yum!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hitching Post Products in Stores

News Flash!

Santa Maria BBQ is headed to Supermarkets on the Central Coast of California!
Hitching Post Products derives it's roots from the original Hitching Post restaurant in Casmalia, CA...founded in 1952. The family has just launched their specialty Tri Tip into Supermarkets. This is not just over processed manufactured meat, but true authentic Santa Maria Style BBQ'd Tri Tip! They don't inject the meat with artificial infused smoke flavor like some companies do...Hitching Post Products actually cooks their Tri Tip over a live oak fire pit. Hitching Post Products is owned by the Ostini Family, and they carefully season the meat as they have been doing for nearly 60 years. Their standards are very high, as they never skimp out on the quality of meat. The beef comes from exclusive purveyors in the mid-west. They testify that corn-fed beef is the best in flavor, and if you are going to sit down and enjoy a steak dinner, why not have the Best! Providing the best quality to their customers is what the Ostini Family prides themselves on. See their new press release.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Wall Of Fame

On my last trip to the Central Coast, I stopped into the Santa Maria Historical Museum. I saw ancient wagons of days gone by, an old call center that the phone companies used to use, and hand carved wooden clocks. Nothing like the glitz and glamour of my Las Vegas casinos. I was really brought back in time and I loved it. That's when I stumbled across the wall of dedication.
The whole wall was dedicated to Santa Maria's World of BBQ. I gazed upon the early rancheros gathered under the oak trees of the Santa Maria Valley preparing BBQ's. Then I spotted my Grand Father Frank Ostini who was standing over his BBQ pit within the walls of the original Hitching Post restaurant. A sense of pride fell over me, to see my Grand Father honored as one of the few who kept the tradition alive and paved the way for Santa Maria BBQ to be served in restaurants. My Father, Bill Ostini is also on that Wall of Fame. He too has preserved this Santa Maria BBQ tradition for over 5 decades now (Happy Birthday Dad), but who's really counting anyway.... :) What an accomplishment!
And today, there is a new generation of Santa Maria Bar-B-Quer's serving the best of this tradition 24/7. Name an event and they are there! To find out more about how Santa Maria BBQ can best serve you, click on the links before.
The Hitching Post Restaurant
The Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Presidential BBQ

Santa Maria BBQ goes to Washington D.C.
Back in 1981,during the era of our great President Ronald Reagan, the Reagans and his administration feasted on West Coast BBQ. That's right Santa Maria Style BBQ made it to the steps of the White House. Actually, many BBQ's took place from 1981-1988 thanks to Santa Ynez valley BBQ chef Bob Herdman and friends.
As many of you know, the Reagans lived on a ranch located in the beautiful Santa Yzen valley, and due to President Reagans good works had many fans there. One of the first BBQ's was a $1000-a-plate campaign event, prior to him being elected President of the United States. This BBQ was held right there at Rancho Cielo, the Reagans estate in Santa Yzen.
Featured in the LA Times and the Santa Maria Times on September 23, 1981 an official Central Coast BBQ took place on the East lawn of the White House. The team fed over 600 guests, all being Congressional Delegates from California and Texas. The Central Coast team shipped over 450lbs of dry-aged New York Beef Strips and the BBQ pit across country at NO expense to the tax payers. The team included 6 BBQ chefs and their wives, everyone paying their own way.
Then in March of 1982, the Reagans once again enjoyed Santa Maria BBQ,this time with Merle Haggard. Wish I could have been there to experience that. On September 3, 1982another BBQ was held for the White House Press "CORPS", not to be confused with "Corpse" at the San Marcos ranch in Santa Yzen.
September 30, 1982 they were back serving the Congress at the White House.
August 27, 1983 a BBQ was held at Fess Park Estate in Santa Barbara.
September 24, 1983 The White House
July 1,1984 The White House
And so on and so forth, I think you get the picture. They went on to do several more BBQ's for the White House. Showing that Santa Maria Style BBQ does have it's Presidential roots. The President would praise the find folks of the Central Coast for their great BBQ and their homage to tradition.
So, ya see folks, this BBQ, Santa Maria BBQ, is truly Presidential!

Make sure to visit the Central Coast and experience it first hand for yourself. Visit The Hitching Post, Jockos, The Far Western, and many other restaurants who carry on the tradition to this day. Or order this type of BBQ on line and have it shipped to you, from places like BBQ2You, or Harris Ranch.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Smoke Signals

When flying over the central coast of California, you'll know you're getting close to one of the BBQ capitals of the world, Santa Maria, when you see the smoke signals somehow signaling the plane to come hither, thus proclaiming that the Era of great BBQ is still alive and well and that a feast of Barbecued steaks is being prepared. When you finally land, you'll still be flying high from the aroma of the California Oak logs burning. Logs that have been stacked up into a huge brick-lined BBQ pit and have been burning for the last few hours. One of the secrets of achieving this unique flavor is to use slightly green oak wood.

Where did all of this, the tradition of great BBQ start you ask? Well, during the mission period, it is said that San Luis Obispo Vaqueros De Tolosa & La Purmisima Concepcion would hold round ups for their cattle once a year. There, in the valley of the Central Coast, this tradition of preparing meat over California oak came alive, and it has continued to this very day. Barbecuing is a segment of the pastoral life from early Californians. It has carried over generations into present day entertaining. At the Hitching Post Restaurants, your steak may have only been aged 21 days, but this art form has been perfected over 58 years! In fact, I think a Santa Maria style BBQ steak is calling your name, so come enjoy.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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