Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Smoke Signals

When flying over the central coast of California, you'll know you're getting close to one of the BBQ capitals of the world, Santa Maria, when you see the smoke signals somehow signaling the plane to come hither, thus proclaiming that the Era of great BBQ is still alive and well and that a feast of Barbecued steaks is being prepared. When you finally land, you'll still be flying high from the aroma of the California Oak logs burning. Logs that have been stacked up into a huge brick-lined BBQ pit and have been burning for the last few hours. One of the secrets of achieving this unique flavor is to use slightly green oak wood.

Where did all of this, the tradition of great BBQ start you ask? Well, during the mission period, it is said that San Luis Obispo Vaqueros De Tolosa & La Purmisima Concepcion would hold round ups for their cattle once a year. There, in the valley of the Central Coast, this tradition of preparing meat over California oak came alive, and it has continued to this very day. Barbecuing is a segment of the pastoral life from early Californians. It has carried over generations into present day entertaining. At the Hitching Post Restaurants, your steak may have only been aged 21 days, but this art form has been perfected over 58 years! In fact, I think a Santa Maria style BBQ steak is calling your name, so come enjoy.

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