Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hitching Post Products in Stores

News Flash!

Santa Maria BBQ is headed to Supermarkets on the Central Coast of California!
Hitching Post Products derives it's roots from the original Hitching Post restaurant in Casmalia, CA...founded in 1952. The family has just launched their specialty Tri Tip into Supermarkets. This is not just over processed manufactured meat, but true authentic Santa Maria Style BBQ'd Tri Tip! They don't inject the meat with artificial infused smoke flavor like some companies do...Hitching Post Products actually cooks their Tri Tip over a live oak fire pit. Hitching Post Products is owned by the Ostini Family, and they carefully season the meat as they have been doing for nearly 60 years. Their standards are very high, as they never skimp out on the quality of meat. The beef comes from exclusive purveyors in the mid-west. They testify that corn-fed beef is the best in flavor, and if you are going to sit down and enjoy a steak dinner, why not have the Best! Providing the best quality to their customers is what the Ostini Family prides themselves on. See their new press release.

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