Friday, June 4, 2010

Wall Of Fame

On my last trip to the Central Coast, I stopped into the Santa Maria Historical Museum. I saw ancient wagons of days gone by, an old call center that the phone companies used to use, and hand carved wooden clocks. Nothing like the glitz and glamour of my Las Vegas casinos. I was really brought back in time and I loved it. That's when I stumbled across the wall of dedication.
The whole wall was dedicated to Santa Maria's World of BBQ. I gazed upon the early rancheros gathered under the oak trees of the Santa Maria Valley preparing BBQ's. Then I spotted my Grand Father Frank Ostini who was standing over his BBQ pit within the walls of the original Hitching Post restaurant. A sense of pride fell over me, to see my Grand Father honored as one of the few who kept the tradition alive and paved the way for Santa Maria BBQ to be served in restaurants. My Father, Bill Ostini is also on that Wall of Fame. He too has preserved this Santa Maria BBQ tradition for over 5 decades now (Happy Birthday Dad), but who's really counting anyway.... :) What an accomplishment!
And today, there is a new generation of Santa Maria Bar-B-Quer's serving the best of this tradition 24/7. Name an event and they are there! To find out more about how Santa Maria BBQ can best serve you, click on the links before.
The Hitching Post Restaurant
The Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce

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