Monday, February 23, 2009

Let's Talk Steak

What are the best cuts and why?

We do many shows around the region and always get asks this question, hope this helps.

The Filet Mignon steak cut of beef is taken from the tenderloin which runs along the side of the spine. It is a non-weight bearing muscle which receives very little exercise, this is what makes the filet so tender. We cut the tenderloin into 5oz., 8oz., or 12oz. portions before placing them over a red oak open flame BBQ. This is one of the most prized cuts of beef on the market because of its tender, and melt in your mouth texture. The average steer only produces 4 to 6 lbs of filet.
The filet is still my favorite cut.

The Strip Steak is one of our most popular cuts in the restaurant and on line. In the United States, the strip steak is known as the New York or the Kansas City. An interesting fact is the Kansas City strip steak usually has a portion of the bone connected, whereas the New York strip steak is boneless. In the UK and Australia, the same steak is called the Porterhouse. Which ever name you call it, this cut of beef is from the strip loin part of the sirloin. This steak also consists of a muscle that does little work so it is tender, however not as tender as the rib eye or the filet. Now the fat content is somewhere between these two steaks, allowing for a more full flavor of beef. We cut our New York’s traditionally into 8oz., 10oz., and 15oz. portions before placing them on the BBQ.

The Rib Eye is a cut of steak from the beef rib. Another very popular cut, it’s juicy and tenderness makes it one of the most sought after steaks on the market today. The beef from the rib section is tender and a bit fattier, or more marbled if you will. This extra fat makes the rib eye more flavorsome and is delicious when cooked in the Santa Maria style BBQ way. We cut the rib eye into 8oz., 10oz., and 15oz., portions in the restaurant.
The Rib eye is delicious, and for me, it’s a close second to the Filet Mignon.

The T-bone or the Porterhouse steak contains meat from the strip loin and on the otherside contains steak from the tenderloin. The tenderloin being the smallest section. So, basically you’ve got a New York strip steak married to a filet, it’s just that simple. Because of the large portion size of this cut, we find that it is much more popular amongst our male guest. Our serving size of the T-Bone is 22oz.
The top sirloin is a cut of meat from the loin of the steer. This steak differs from the sirloin steaks in that the bone and tenderloin have been removed. This cut of beef reminds me of the filet, just not quite as tender. We serve the tops in 7oz., 10oz., and 15oz. portions at the restaurant.

The Tri-Tip is a small triangular muscle, cut from the bottom sirloin. Measuring 2lbs – 3lbs. Originally, this cut was just used for ground beef, until the late 1950’s, when it became the local specialty in Santa Maria, California. It was then cooked whole on a grill or rotisserie. The Tri-Tip is still labeled the “Santa Maria Steak”, as it has enjoyed increasing popularity elsewhere for it’s lower fat content, full flavor, and comparatively lower cost. It is only available with our on line store, we do not serve it in the restaurant at this time. The Tri-tip has also become a popular cut of meat for producing Chili con carne on the competitive chili cooking circuit, supplanting ground beef because the low fat content produces little grease, for which judges take off points. Check out our favorite chili cook offs at the
When serving up the whole family, the Tri Tip is definitely my pick.
Hope this has been informative. The best cuts really just come down to you and your taste buds, oh and having a great grill master preparing them doesn’t hurt. So next time you order, try a different cut, you might just find a new favorite!

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